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Welcome to MC Migration Consultancy

MC Migration Consultancy provides customized and cost-effective migration advices.  Australian migration Law is complex and the visa requirements changes often.  As a professional migration agent, we assist you all the way through the application process by providing clear and updated advice in order to minimize your confusion and frustration. 


If you are looking for

  • Skilled professional migration

  • Student visa for further education

  • Hire staff from overseas who is non-Australia visa holder

  • Obtained a job offer and prepare to work in Australia

  • Family reunion with relatives who lives in Australia


Check the relevant section in our website for further information or contact us.

If you do not belong to any of the above and wish you seek for options to migrate to Australia, please directly contact us.

Supplying services for:

> Work Permits


> Student Visas

> Employee Sponsored Visas


> Family Sponsorship

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